An Open Letter to Our Fans


To our fans,

We are proud and excited that our organization has an unbelievable opportunity to be a founding member of the NA LCS Permanent Partnership program. However, that means we need to take this time to be introspective, and really evaluate our performance over the last year. Frankly, we feel we did not give our fans, and the community as a whole, the best of FlyQuest. We can do better. We WILL do better. This is a new beginning, and it’s time to take a new approach.  

The community knows exactly what they want from us. So it’s time we listen. We know our fans don’t leave their other passions behind when they take the time to watch us play each week; and we would never ask them to. They are artists, designers, and proud members of the community. We don’t see them as merely eyeballs behind a screen — we see them as part of who we are because let’s face it, their passion is the only reason we exist.

We want to celebrate the unique passions of the FlyQuest community. We want them to help shape our identity with their ideas, every day. Their involvement and willingness to continually show support for our team, day in and day out, should be celebrated. We recognize that support and appreciation needs to go both ways. That is why our mantra will be to Showcase Greatness —  the greatness of our fans and the greatness of our players.  

In this family, everyone has a voice. What does this mean? This means our fans will rock gear they help design. They’ll make new friends at our viewing parties they helped dream up. They’ll see their own portraits of their favorite players displayed for the world to see. We will be the team that not only appreciates our fans but showcases everything they bring to the table.

Over the course of the next year, our fans will see and be a part of a plethora of new activations that will allow them to align themselves closer with our organization. Watch parties, monthly design contests, split based merchandise design and content contests are just a few ways we will constantly allow our fans to express themselves. The community will weigh in on decisions and ultimately push us further along in our quest to be the best.

Every team knows that their fans are important. We will stand out from the pack because we will make our fans part of who we are. We don’t just rely on their support, we rely on their vision. Across our entire organization, we will consistently seek out the fan voice. We will be shaped in our fans’ image, and our fans will see themselves in us.

The onus is on us. It’s time to step up. We are ready to take flight.



Ryan Edens, CEO & The FlyQuest Management Team