LCS Update: July 2, 2018


Monday, July 2, 2018

After the developments regarding our LCS & Academy rosters yesterday, many of you undoubtedly have questions and concerns. We wanted to take this opportunity to provide information to our fans and community on what this means for FlyQuest moving forward.

Earlier this week, 100 Thieves reached out to us about a potential trade between Meteos and AnDa. We were excited at the prospect of AnDa returning to a starting position in the LCS, and believed that he would fit in perfectly with 100T’s roster. We would like to thank AnDa for all of his hard work with us and we know that he will do amazing things with 100T.  

On the flip side, we are very excited to have Meteos join us. Meteos is a highly skilled veteran that has the potential to provide immediate impact. That being said, our main goal has been and always will be to cultivate a strong culture and a positive environment. Meteos will have the chance to earn a starting spot here, but only if everyone agrees that it is a convincing and compatible move.

His path will start as the jungler on our Academy roster, giving him time to become accustomed with our principles and develop rapport with the other roster members. While we understand that he wants to prove himself as a starter immediately, we take our internal culture and identity very seriously. We don’t ever want to make pinch decisions that could potentially impair team cohesion.

Therefore, Santorin will continue to be our starting jungler. Concurrently, we will empower Meteos so that he can continue to work on his weaknesses, optimize his strengths, and use his experience to provide value to the Academy roster. We are extremely excited to have a respected veteran in Meteos under our banner, and even more excited for the future of our squads.

About FlyQuest

FlyQuest was established in January of 2017 and has since been a staple in the esports community.  Striving to develop a world-class franchise, known for a winning culture, talented players, loyal fan base and innovative business practices has been at the forefront of their philosophy. FlyQuest is committed to help grow esports globally and bring innovative partnerships, sponsorships and fan engagement practices to the industry.

FlyQuest currently operates teams across three different esports titles; League of Legends, Rocket League, and PUBG. FlyQuest was recently accepted as a permanent partner of the NA LCS.