FLYPUBG Update: July 3, 2018

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Monday, July 3, 2018

We are back with another update on our current PUBG roster. Following PGI Burbank’s North American qualifier for the Berlin finals, we conducted team meetings in addition to individual 1-on-1’s to debrief and discuss the future of our team. Upon speaking with Somethang, we came to a mutual understanding that he wouldn’t be able to commit the time needed to continue improving. As you may remember, we had every intention at the end of May to move forward in building a complete roster with Somethang. It’s unfortunate to be in a position where we now must part ways however, we feel it will be mutually beneficial for all parties. We wish Somethang nothing but the best in his future endeavors, whether that be continuing in the PUBG scene or beyond.


Our commitment to PUBG remains steadfast. As of today we are announcing the addition of Ben “Microstar” Kyle, formerly of Slime Squad, as our official new addition to the PUBG squad.


Microstar wanted to share a message to the fans upon joining our team: "Having played PUBG for 6 months on various line-ups, I felt it was time to make the move to a team more aligned with my playstyle. After chatting with [Steezy] following PGI, we realised we were on the same page in how we want to be playing. These guys are all great players and I only expect big things to come from this line-up in the near future. FlyQuest has been great in welcoming me into the family and I look forward to what our future holds."


Please give a warm welcome to Microstar and a big thank you to Somethang as we move forward into the future of PUBG. We’ll be showcasing our new lineup tonight in the final week of GLL for a chance at qualifying for back to back GLL LANs.


Much love FlyFam.

Nick Phan

General Manager

About FlyQuest

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