✈Hey there FLYFAM,


We’re super excited to start creating more video content for the 2018, and I’m sure plenty of you are too! Last split we received positive feedback on our FlyQuest in Focus and FlyQuest Tips and Tricks series and we’ll be translating that feedback to our future content. We want to open up the floor to all of you to come up with an idea for content to be launched alongside our planned content for the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split!

For a little over a week, channel that excitement into video ideas that you would want to see from us! We’ll be selecting the strongest ideas and putting them into a fan vote to see which one resonates the best with the FLYFAM. Once the vote is over and a winning idea has been selected, our content team will be hard at work to execute on the idea and roll it out alongside all of our planned content for the spring split!

Looking forward to see your responses,


Jeffrey “Gray” Hoang
Community Manager

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2018 Spring Split Winner

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