Collector's Series


We want all of our fans to feel like they've earned something for the time and effort they put into being a fan of our team. Introducing the Collector's Series. Throughout the year we’ll be giving away four (4) different types of collectible pins, all of which will have a tie to FlyQuest and the community. Each pin is of varying rarity so be sure to collect them all. Pin them on your clothes, backpacks, lanyards, or wherever you want to show off your tie to FlyQuest family!







The Levels


The Commoner

Welcome young padawan, to the start of your journey as a FlyQuest fan. This pin is available to all members of the FlyFam and is easily accessible. Consider it your entry token to fandom. Be sure to sport this at your next raid, arena run, or solo queue adventure. 

How do I earn these pins? 

As mentioned, these pins are easily attainable by all members of the community. Simply follow the rules below:

  • Attending an LCS event throughout the year and meeting our team at the Fan Meet and Greets.
  • Sporting your FlyQuest gear at Riot studios or other fan events throughout the year.
  • Interacting with our Social Handle.
Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 1.01.23 AM.png


The Talented

You have made an effort to show the entire community that you care about FlyQuest. You want to know that you have been heard. Well, your efforts have not gone unnoticed. The designs and ideas you have put forward are now being rewarded in front of the entire FlyFam. Wear this pin proudly. You've earned. 

How do I earn these pins? 

You may earn this pin through any of the various Community Contest we are running throughout the year. Simply participate, share your voice, and we will choose lucky fans each week to who will receive their prize.

Click here to learn more about our Community Contests.


The Avid

You have gone out of your way to cheer for your FlyQuest brethren. No, really. You've traveled from near and far to attend one of the community events put on for your enjoyment. You have made your way to the Spring or Summer playoffs. That kind of dedication is what makes our fans some of the best in the world. Here's a rare pin to display at every LCS, RLCS, or PUBG event you attend, showcasing that dedication. 

How do I earn these pins? 

There are only two ways to earn one of these coveted pins.

  • You can attend one of our LCS Viewing parties at a college near you. Not sure where the next one is? Click here to find out where the next event will take place. 
  • Our boys have made it to the playoffs or a major event. Now come cheer them on at either the LCS Spring or Summer Split Playoffs, the RLCS World Championships or a PUBG LAN event. 
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pin_banners_r1-flyquest legends.png

The Royalty

Lords and Ladies of FlyQuest, welcome to the tier of legends. You have earned your rite to be deemed royalty in the eyes of your compatriots. Thanks to your fierce, unwavering loyalty to the entire community, you have been rewarded with the rarest of pins. This pin is of extremely limited quantity and is earned through your devotion to the FlyFam. Wear this proudly, as there are no duplicates of our legendary pins. 

How do I earn these pins? 

These pins are so rare, even we don't know when they'll show themselves. Keep your ear to the ground and be sure to follow us on Twitter as we will announce how to earn these pins randomly throughout the year. Be quick however, as these will be in limited supply.