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In the 5th week of the Rocket League Rival Series, our FLYRL squad took on Manhattan and ended the series in a decisive 3-1, locking them in as the first seed for the Rocket League Promotion Tournament.

In the Rocket League Promotion Tournament, we faced off against Out of Style and then Counter Logic Gaming. We defeated both teams and earned a spot in the 6th season of the Rocket League Championship Series!

In the 3rd PUBG BEAT Invitational we played a total of 5 games and ended the tournament with an overall standing of 2nd place and 32 kills!

Our PUBG squad then prepared for the Global Loot League finals in Bucharest and bootcamped in Los Angeles for a week. After playing 16 rounds over 2 days, we placed 12th overall.

More 5-hour ENERGY Moment of the Match's from throughout the Rocket League Rival Series here:

Lastly,  we've made changes to the FLYPUBG squad. Read the full press release here:


We hosted custom ARAM’s every Wednesday night throughout the month of April. If you’ve been keeping up with Team megumixbear (COO) vs Team Gray (Community Manager), Team megumixbear is leading by a substantial 6 wins (the total score is 10-4). Play in our future game nights by joining our Discord! Our Community Manager Gray will make sure you get a spot during our next community game night.

Finally, we welcomed our newest addition to the FLYSTAFF: Chris Okamura! Chris has taken over our social media and is doing a mighty-meme job of it! Tweet @FlyQuestSports  and see what response you’ll get!


Things to look forward to in May:

  1. Our Discord community is receiving an upgrade, straight from Ornn’s workshop!

  2. Fan Art Contest #4 is starting soon! Get ready to launch photoshop, we are looking for a new Twitter banner!

  3. Remember C-C-C-C-Combo Breaker? We are looking for another idea just like it! Our submissions will be live soon, keep an eye out on our website and on Twitter! Thanks again to @C9Pablito for the awesome idea!

  4. The FlyQuest Galaxy sweaters were a huge hit with the FLYFAM! We are looking for more awesome merchandise ideas and will be opening up submissions mid-May! Head on over to our shop and pick up this awesome design by @colourlss!

  5. We’ve got more Community Game Nights scheduled! Our very next one is happening this Wednesday, May 2nd at 6PM PST, see you then!

  6. Finally, our #FLYFAM is continuing their conquest in the Discord Community Championship Series! Catch the schedule in our announcements on our Discord, and watch them live on Gray’s twitch channel!


We recognize your support on Discord:


Whenever the FLYPUBG squad was playing in a competition, you could count on Terry being there and supporting. He isn't afraid to make some noise when we make plays, and his excitement is contagious! When some of our FLYFAM couldn't make it to our Community Game Nights, Terry had them covered. He hosted his own game nights for everyone on the FlyQuest Discord to join, and will be continuing these games onward! 

Keep being awesome Terry, and thanks for your support!


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